The Advantages of the Canadian Pharmacies

A great number of Americans canít afford buying prescription drugs in the US because of the extremely high prices on it. Some people are living in fear that they donít have an opportunity to buy the medications they need. Health care system of the USA can not deal with such problem. That is why a lot of people get the medications they need at Canadian pharmacies that offer the products at much lesser prices.

Despite the fact that Canada and the USA have much in common regarding the health care system, Canadian pharmacies have the leading position compare to the US pharmacies, offering accessible medications making it more popular among American citizens. Although The US is the largest economy in the world its health care system is far behind a number of developed countries including Canada. These days the US health care system doesnít provide people with proper health care particularly a poor group of citizens.

The recent crisis of the US health care system has revealed the dark side of the system showing the existing problems. The situation is that these days medical facilities are available but a great number of people are not able to afford it as medical costs are too high and furthermore, they are increasing much faster than wages of people. One more problem is that health insurance is not accessible for the poor. As a result millions of American citizens can not get a required treatment.

One more important question is treatment of chronic diseases. According to the statistics, 7 out of 10 deaths in the US happen due to chronic diseases, and increasing cost of the prescription medications and inability of people to get the right treatment contributes much to the problem.

In such a complicated situation, Canadian health care system becomes the only opportunity to deal with the problem by providing with the accessible for American people prescription medications for managing various health conditions. Compare to the US where most insurance companies fight for market share and getting more profits which results in high prices on medications, Canadian government pays for almost all medical costs and the health system of this country is not motivated by getting profits. In the system of health care the prices for medicines are controlled by the government in order to ensure that the citizens of the country are able to get the required prescription medications at accessible prices. Besides, the government also provides the control over the maintaining the high quality standards preventing unsafe products from getting into the market. The same as with the prescription drugs from the US, the medications from Canada pass through the same testing and are subject to similar regulations ensuring high quality of the medications that are available at the Canadian pharmacies but at a much lower price.

Both safeness as well as low prices explain the popularity of Canadian pharmacies among the US citizens.

The above mentioned advantages of the Canadian pharmacies contribute much to the choice of the US people who require the treatment with prescription drugs. The availability of the medications from the Canadian pharmacies is an opportunity for people to start the necessary treatment and improve their health.